Wireless Path Profiles

Wireless Path Profiles and Surveys
Integra Data is a leading expert for designing and building fixed point-to-point wireless backhauls. We understand that the success of any fixed wireless backhaul operation starts with carrying out proper wireless path calculations and creating precise designs. We highly recommend that wireless path calculations be performed for all forms of fixed wireless backhauls. The process begins with a physical wireless site survey to develop correct wireless path calculations to ensure performance. Integra performs wireless site surveys for a point-to-point wireless bridges, point-to-multipoint, and wireless mesh networks.

Wireless Path Profiles and Surveys services:
•    Generation of Path profiles for outdoor wireless links
•    Outdoor wireless engineering
•    Creation of plans for proper grounding, lighting and surge protection.
•    Build-of-Materials creation and product recommendations
•    Digital photographs for planning or repairs (facility, path, antenna location, cable routes, etc.)
•    Identification of optimal locations for mounting solutions (mast / tower).
•    Identification of present or potential egress points.
•    Reporting of potential obstructions