Windows XP-iration

With just a shade under a year to go before Microsoft turns the lights off on Windows XP forever, it’s not too late to upgrade your system to a newer version of Windows. The costs of doing so might be painful, but as the Ponemon Institute reported, the cost of a data breach for a corporation can easily be in the millions of dollars. For home computer users, being the victim of a ‘wiper’ attack – similar to the attack that recently took place in South Korea – could cost you thousands of dollars to restore the data lost on your hard drive.

A year may seem like a long time off, but by planning now and setting aside both the financial and manpower resources to prepare is your best proactive defence. Better to be ready than to cross your fingers and hope an attack doesn’t hit your network.

Raul Alvarez is a Senior Security Researcher with FortiGuard Labs. Raul is a regular contributor to the antimalware industry publication Virus Bulletin.

Additional content from Richard Henderson.
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