Project Management

Integra has proven project management consulting solutions that are both practical and economical. Our specialists have the experience to carry your projects to a successful completion. Integra understands that projects come in all sizes and shapes.  Some projects are highly complex and require a lot of effort to keep them on track.  Less complex projects still require a certain level of communication and planning.  Regardless of the complexity, project planning is a step-by-step process and Integra’s specialists work with your staff every step of the way.

Studies show that 68% of IT projects fail and that companies pay a premium of as much as 60% on time and budget when they use poor requirements practices on their projects. When you engage Integra, our job is to guarantee your successful project completion that is designed and commissioned with your active collaboration. Our project managers think beyond what consists of a typical plan and will smoothly guide you through a broad list of steps with our experienced team to ensure a successful project completion.