Meru Networks to demonstrate SDN-enabled WiFi

Meru Networks Press Release:

Meru Networks to Demonstrate SDN-enabled Wi-Fi at Interop NY 2014

InteropNet SDN Lab brings cross-section of vendors together to demonstrate enterprise-focused benefits of OpenFlow adoption

Meru Networks announced its participation in the InteropNet SDN Lab, part of Interop New York 2014, held September 29 through October 3, 2014 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Meru, the only wireless LAN vendor to have received OpenFlow™ conformance, will contribute the Meru 4200 series OpenFlow-enabled controller, along with AP832 802.11ac access points, to the multi-vendor test platform.

“Meru leads the market in development of SDN-enabled access network solutions, including unified management, Microsoft Lync optimization and others,” said Ajay Malik, senior vice president of engineering and products at Meru. “The InteropNet SDN Lab gives us an opportunity to highlight the great strides we have made this year with SDN implementation for unified wired and wireless networks, in conjunction with a wide variety of current and future SDN partners. We look forward to seeing the results of this first-of-a-kind interoperability test.”

The purpose-built lab is designed to test Software-Defined Networking (SDN) systems and applications including open source software and vendor hardware and software. The SDN Lab will build on the original InteropNet OpenFlow Lab that first brought the OpenFlow SDN concept to Interop attendees in 2011. The InteropNet SDN Lab also aims to educate attendees on the principles, functions and features of SDN concepts and technology. It will test the interoperability of open source and vendor products and demonstrate SDN concepts in a variety of scenarios. The team of network experts, which includes industry veterans and vendor engineers, will use both open source and vendor tools to demonstrate:

Networks that adjust to changing workloads

Using SDN to initiate traffic engineering functions such as selectively routing around problem spots, sending traffic to monitoring devices, or routing to multiple cloud providers based on dynamic network conditions

Automated integration between applications and network resources using APIs and controllers

The work of the InteropNet SDN Lab will begin during InteropNet Hot Stage and be on display at Interop New York, Oct 1 – 2, 2014 during Expo hours.

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