Meru 802.11ac Market Share Jumped More Than 6X from Q3 to Q4 2013


Meru’s 802.11ac solutions are gaining rapid market traction due to several distinct advantages over the competition:

  • Meru is the only supplier that can deliver enterprise-wide Gigabit Wi-Fi. The new 802.11ac standard delivers higher capacity by utilizing fewer, but wider, radio frequency channels. Meru’s MobileFLEX architecture takes full advantage of these features, while competitors are restricted to the same narrow channels currently deployed in the 802.11n standard. This allows Meru to support more than twice the capacity of its competitors.
  • The AP832 is the industry’s fastest .11ac access point. While other vendors’ access points use a combination of one 802.11n and one 802.11ac compliant radio, the Meru AP832 includes two 802.11ac compliant radios. This increases per-AP throughput and enables support for higher densities of client devices.
  • The AP832 eliminates the need for Ethernet switching infrastructure upgrades and greatly reduces total cost of ownership for Meru customers. It is the most power-efficient 802.11ac solution in the market, offering full dual-radio capacity on standard Power over Ethernet (POE).

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