Is your network ready for the onslaught of new devices?

This includes:

  • Automated provisioning. People who show up to work with a new device should be able to register it themselves in order to get network access. There should be no need to submit a request and then wait for IT to perform this task manually.
  • Real-time risk assessment. Your NAC solution should have policies that automatically assess the risk assessment of each device before it’s ever allowed onto the network. “Risky” devices – such as those without Anti-Virus or those with jailbroken apps – can be offered automated self remediation.
  •  Blocking devices you don’t want. There might be types of devices you just don’t want to allow onto your network. Your NAC solution should be able to limit or prohibit network access for such devices.
  •  Helping you plan. Your NAC should be able to provide trend reports to help you plan your bandwidth usage and wireless capacity—just in case there are more new devices than you had anticipated. It can also monitor network access in real time to ensure that there’s enough bandwidth for everyone.

If you DON’T already have a 3rd generation NAC solution visit Bradford Networks or contact Integra Data to learn more.