Fun Smart Phone Technologies for 2014


Personal Thermal Imaging Device

For members of your staff not satisfied with WiFi heat mapping they will have the option to create heatmaps of their co-workers. The FLIR ONE personal thermal imaging device fits as a case for the iPhone 5 and 5s, and enables users to scan heat signatures around them. Forward-looking infrared (FLIR), is equipped with a visual and thermal camera, and is powered by a battery that can be partitioned to charge your phone on the go. The case is expected to retail for $349, and will be available to purchase in Spring 2014.



 Smartphone Stun Gun

This device by Yellow Jacket will take cubicle warfare to the next level. Yellow Jacket produces an iPhone stun gun case which can both fully recharge your phone and jolt an attacker with 650,000 volts. The new model fits the iPhone 5/5S and has a detachable stun gun pack. It is available for pre order now for $149.


If your office environment is getting a little too heated the mood-based playlist software HABU might be a good option. This software aims to build the perfect playlist in one tap, as users create mood-based lists ranging from dark to calm, positive and energetic.



iPhone Poppy 3D

This gadget lets you see videos in 3D using just your iPhone. Poppy 3D lets you record and watch 3D videos by placing your phone in a slot on the top of the device. Poppy 3D uses mirrors to split the image captured from the camera into two images. Each eye sees just one of the images when looking in to the device and your brain fuses the two images together to make things appear 3D. The device costs $59, and can also be used to watch 3D videos available on YouTube.


 Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock bypasses the need for keys, allowing you to gain access to your home with the simple tap of a smartphone or electronic fob. No need to worry if you locked the door or not as the device is WiFi enabled and will send you a text when the locks are activated.

Opera Max

This if a free data saving app which was launched at Mobile World Congress this year. Opera Max compresses data across applications including video, text and images on your mobile device. This allows users to get the most out of data plans and make roaming cheaper. Apparently your phone’s data plan can be extended by up to 50 percent when using the software. A beta version is currently available and pre-registered Android users in the U.S. and Europe are able to download a version of the application.


 Google Glass

Google Glass carries out tasks much like a smart phone and has a combination of a HUD, a camera, microphone and GPS. Google looks like it will be launching Google Glass to the public later this year. Glass is voice operated and you use your voice to navigate the GUI and perform tasks. Some commands include ‘take a picture’ or “send a message” which you can dictate to the device. It can also record video, provide information via a Google search, give directions, and translate your voice.