Context-Aware Application Layers

Meru is introducing context-aware application layers, or CALs, as we call them. CALs are a game-changer. CALs are a fundamentally different approach than band steering and quality of service on wireless LANs. CALs allow you to create physically isolated wireless superhighways for different classes of applications. This allows you to deliver significantly improved performance and reduce the latency of mission-critical applications.

The key advantage is that with CALs, enabled by Meru’s new MobileFLEX architecture, the underlying RF channels are physically reserved for the CALs, so the most important applications are guaranteed access to the wireless, even though RF is inherently a shared medium. With wireless QoS methods, the priority is established at a higher level, but the clients are still trying to talk over the same shared channel.

CALs can be applied to improve application performance in a variety of use cases. For example, in a hospital, life-critical applications, such as patient monitoring and infusion pumps, can be in a dedicated CAL. A second layer can be devoted to enterprise-grade applications, such as voice, location tracking, and electronic medical records, while a third layer could be used for consumer-grade applications, such as guest access.