Bring IT Together Conference

Bring IT, Together2014

BIT14 is a 3-day conference hosted by ECOO and OASBO-ICT on Nov. 5-7 2014. Integra Data is pleased to have 3 speaking sessions at the upcoming Bring IT Together conference in Niagara Falls with Meru, Fortinet and Bradford Networks. 

This exceptional event will Bring IT Together for educators & education professionals from across Ontario and beyond. CIOs and classroom teachers, technology supervisors and principals, superintendents, consultants, IT support staff as well as professionals from Faculties of Education, colleges and universities—all will gather to share ideas, discuss challenges and explore emerging and best practices. Opportunities to attend sessions led by education professionals as well as Vendor-led sessions will highlight emerging technologies and best practices to Bring IT Together. This is a great opportunity for you to meet with teachers, school administrators, IT department leaders, and even students (!) from across the K-12 educational environment in Ontario.

See below for session details and we hope you can attend.