Bradford Networks NAC Wins 5 Stars

Bradford Networks NAC is awarded 5 stars with SC Magazine 2 years in a row!

Nowadays securing a network is like having a BYOD block party where everyone brings a friend… or three, and they all want the run of the place. This is great if you have the right network access control (NAC) in place to ensure safe and controlled network access. The consumerization of IT means employees, contractors, guests and others want to bring their risky personal devices to your network party. This is great for mobility, productivity and cost reduction but bad for risk, visibility and security. Today’s network gatekeepers need a flexible NAC solution with 24/7 visibility that eliminates network blind spots by granting safe network access based on your policies to detect all authorized and unauthorized devices on your network.

Network sentry by Bradford Networks has been taming the onslaught of device proliferation in education, hospitals, and enterprise for the past 10 years. Their Network sentry is a NAC solution feature rich, a strong performer and extremely effective. Within minutes of completing an installation it is possible to start creating policies.

This solution provides amazing value for the money which is why Integra chose to partner with Bradford Networks. We are not the only ones who feel this way…

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