Back to School with Meru Networks

Before students return:

We recommend System Director be at the following revisions:
o For all AP1000-series, all AP3xx and AP4xx Access Points on current controllers (MC15xx, MC3200, MC4200, MC6000), deploy System Director 5.3-132
o For all AP1xxx and AP3xx series Access Points with MC4100 or MC3000, deploy System Director 5.1-93
o For AP200-series Access Points, deploy System Director 4.0-165. NOTE: AP200-series Access Points reached End of Life on June 30, 2013 and are no longer supported.
Contact your Meru Authorized Partner or your local Meru Sales Team to learn about current options for optimized wireless performance!

If you require assistance upgrading to the abovementioned versions of System Director, please contact your Meru Authorized Partner. Additionally, you can select the link for Scheduled Maintenance at

We encourage you to work with your preferred Meru Authorized Partner to pro-actively prepare for the return of students to your network. Fees for this service are entirely between your organization and your business partner.
Consult our online Knowledge Base for assistance with best practices and tips. The Knowledge Base can be found at (requires login)
Review our Best Practice Guides and Deployment Guides, including the Best Practice Guide for High Density Deployments. These can be found at (requires login)
If you experience any issues:

• Please consult our online Knowledge Base as a first step. Your solution could be a few clicks away.
• If the solution to your issue is not found please have your Meru controller serial number handy and open a support ticket. This can be done in one of three ways:
o 1. initiate a support ticket via web at
o 2. Via e-mail to Note that e-mail requests may take additional time.
o 3. By calling support at 888-637-8952 toll Free (US and Canada). To obtain a toll-free support number for other countries, please see the listing at

Your ticket will be reviewed by our Welcome Center in all cases and you will be contacted by a Support Technician.
• Response times vary based on the severity of your issue. Complete documentation on the support process, including escalation (if necessary) can be found in the Technical Support Guide at
• You may request support tickets to be escalated at any time by asking the technician you are working with or by sending an e-mail to

Additional Recommendations

In addition to the Meru technology-specific Best Practices, we have included some additional recommendations based on the feedback from some of our education customers. These are merely suggestions to provide your students with exceptional wireless experience.
Communicate your current wireless network status to your user community. Leverage social networking (twitter, facebook), campus web site, student newspaper, etc. to

inform your student population of any wireless performance issues or outages. Provide a user-friendly process for your students to inform your IT team of any suspected issues.

Inform students where they can obtain the latest device drivers that you have tested in advance. If applicable, direct students to instructions on how to adjust their wireless device’s chipset power settings to recommended levels.

Some campuses hire student interns or train staff in basic Wi-Fi capabilities and send them out to various parts of campus with a bright-colored T-shirt or some other way of identifying them as “Wi-Fi Experts”. They can also report any Wi-Fi issues back to IT as they experience them in the field.

Conduct periodic surveys on campus to gain feedback on connectivity, performance or other related issues. Students will see this as pro-active, and the surveys will help you plan for future enhancements.

Set expectations for performance and make available and encourage the use of Speed Test apps.

Engage your partner or Meru Professional Services for a High Density Wireless Wellness check pro-actively.

For more insights, you can download our white paper titled Avoiding Campus “Move-In Day” Blues at

On behalf of Customer Support, Professional Services and Training Services, we look forward to a smooth transition to your 2013-14 school year and working with you to provide a great wireless experience for your students, faculty, guests and administrative teams.

Tom Palomaki
Vice President, Worldwide Services & Support