Network Solutions.
Integra Data Systems is at the forefront of technology integration, providing our customers with market leading technologies and solutions. We offer many complimentary products to afford ease of use, productivity gains, and to provide end to end solution to our clients.
As a leading integrator within Ontario and Canada, Integra can help to identify the best technology for your project and enable you test our solutions at one of our regional workplaces, through a trial, or online demo.

Leading-edge data switching solutions for network edge and core, cloud-based WiFi and unified communications for voice and video.

High-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving threats.

Powerful and innovative network access control (NAC) solutions that enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices.

Leader in mobility & cloud networking solutions for WiFi, switching, routing and MDM.

Secure file sharing and collaboration solutions that increase employee productivity while ensuring data security and compliance.

Enterprise mobility platform that keeps your users productive and simplifies management and security for IT.


6 Reasons Why Businesses Use AirWatch

Comprehensive Portfolio

We have a solution for all your end-user computing needs.

Choose to work with us and leverage the power of the complete VMware End-User Computing portfolio to drive digital transformation for your organization.

Innovate Faster

We’re always a step ahead with the latest mobile innovations.

We push the boundaries with what’s possible in enterprise mobility – keeping you ahead of the competiton. Be agile with automatic upgrades and same-day support for the latest operating systems to keep your employees at maximum

Market Leader

Take their word for it. Analysts recognize us as the leader – year after year.

Industry analysts consistently rank AirWatch as the clear choice for EMM year after year. Our platform is perfectly positioned to help your business prepare for the next generation of digital transformation.

Built to Scale

Your business has room to grow. And we make it easy.

Your mobility initiatives continue to evolve. AirWatch is built from the ground up to seamlessly scale as your deployment grows in numbers and complexity.

Open Ecosystem

Our platform is flexible and plays well with others.

We’ve built the most comprehensive mobility ecosystem in the industry so that our platform easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. Simply plug-and-play to make the most of your current investments.


We enable security beyond the endpoint.

Our multi-layered approach to security encrypts sensitive company data and secures access from the user all the way to the network.

Solutions to Embrace Mobility. Enhance Productivity. Improve Security.

Unify management of all endpoints into one, comprehensive platform

Provide users with a set of secure productivity apps to increase efficiency

Enable end-to-end security from the user all the way to the network

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