Network Solutions.
Integra Data Systems is at the forefront of technology integration, providing our customers with market leading technologies and solutions. We offer many complimentary products to afford ease of use, productivity gains, and to provide end to end solution to our clients.
As a leading integrator within Ontario and Canada, Integra can help to identify the best technology for your project and enable you test our solutions at one of our regional workplaces, through a trial, or online demo.

Leading-edge data switching solutions for network edge and core, cloud-based WiFi and unified communications for voice and video.

High-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving threats.

Powerful and innovative network access control (NAC) solutions that enable secure network access for corporate issued and personal mobile devices.

Leader in mobility & cloud networking solutions for WiFi, switching, routing and MDM.

Secure file sharing and collaboration solutions that increase employee productivity while ensuring data security and compliance.

Enterprise mobility platform that keeps your users productive and simplifies management and security for IT.


Industry Leading Platform for External Content Collaboration

kiteworks by Accellion

Enables secure access and sharing of enterprise content from any device, including laptop, desktop or mobile. kiteworks enhances business productivity while ensuring data security and compliance.

Solutions for Enterprise IT

kiteworks offers a multi-tier private cloud architecture designed to enable people to work securely, wherever. With secure universal access to enterprise and cloud content stores, and secure file sharing and collaboration capabilities including integrated mobile productivity tools, kiteworks makes it possible for organizations to realize productivity gains without introducing data security risks.

“Our clients’ requirements are more important than our own. Being able to safely browse, edit, share, and send information from anywhere, plus track where that data resides – we’ve made it happen with Accellion.”
– Shawn Schmidt, Infrastructure Manager, Allens Linklaters

Solutions for Business Executives

kiteworks boosts productivity by easily and securely connecting employees to the most up-to-date files and content they need and enabling secure creation, editing and sharing of critical business content on laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Solutions for Developers

The kiteworks platform empowers developers to develop and deploy custom applications that integrate with existing enterprise information and security systems to support a mobile global workforce. Enterprise class APIs and SDKs provide a secure mobile container for storing and managing content, including an integrated secure mobile editor, and secure “write once” access to enterprise content systems (ECMs) and cloud content storage services.

Secure Content Collaboration with Private Cloud

kiteworks by Accellion is a private cloud secure content collaboration platform that enables organizations to share their content with external partners seamlessly, with the highest levels of security and control. With kiteworks, organizations can extend their existing content systems without costly content migrations or disruptions to workflows.

Seamless External Collaboration

Enhance business agility and accelerate time-to-value by enabling employees to collaborate with ecosystem partners, vendors, and customers easily and efficiently.

Single Pane of Glass View

Enable centralized access to multiple on-premises and cloud-based content systems through a unified, “single-pane-of-glass” view, from any device and any location. Without a VPN.

Centralized Security and Management

Protect sensitive information and intellectual property, in transit and at rest, with enterprise-grade security and encryption to meet rigorous data security and compliance requirements.

Secure Access Across All Devices

Achieve BYOD security and compliance while enhancing user productivity with native mobile apps designed for the enterprise. Enable leak-proof editing on mobile devices to protect data, leveraging a secure container.

Private Cloud File Sharing

Meet stringent data security and data residency requirements while benefitting from sharing and collaboration with ecosystem partners. Maintain sole control of encryption keys to ensure that data is always in your custody.

Secure BYOD Solutions

Access and collaborate securely with enterprise content from any mobile device – without a VPN.

Why Accellion
The world’s leading enterprises and government agencies rely on Accellion to enable private cloud content collaboration solutions for their workforce and ensure data security and compliance. kiteworks by Accellion enables enterprise users secure universal access to enterprise content from a single pane of glass, whether it resides in the cloud or behind the firewall, or in enterprise content systems, without requiring a VPN. Designed for enterprise scalability, Accellion provides private cloud (on-premise or hosted), hybrid cloud, and FIPS 140-2 certified environment deployment options.