A New Class of Firewall – INFW

A New Class of Firewall

Fortinet Internal Network Firewall

Advanced threats are taking advantage of the abundance of flat internal networks. Once through the border defense, there is little to stop the spread and eventual extraction of targeted information assets. And – it’s crucial to note this – because traditional firewalls have been architected to slower speeds of the Internet Edge it’s difficult to deploy these security devices internally. The solution is a new model of firewall – the Internal Network Firewall (INFW) that sits at strategic points on the internal network. It may sit in front of specific servers that contain valuable intellectual property or a set of user devices or web applications sitting in the cloud.

Find out how to achieve continuous network security protection with a single security infrastructure (with no need to re-architect!), central management and multi-gigabit performance with an Internal Network Firewall.


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